Tackle Football ages: 5-13, $330

Although KYFA fees are not as expensive as most competitive youth sports, it is good to know where the money goes.  KYF was one of the first associations at HOA to own their equipment and one of the few that sends helments and shoulder pads to Riddell for maintenance, inspection and certification.  We make every effort to ensure our program has the best equipment to keep our players safe on the field.

$170 Heart of America (HOA) league fees

$47.50 Jersey (game/t-shirt depending on the year)

$40.00 Helmet (based on life span of product plus maitenance fees)

$7.00 Shoulder Pads (based on life span of product plus maintenance fees)

$5.50 Equipment (tees, Half Shields, Half Round Dummy)

$6.00 Practice Pants (based on life span of product)

$10.00 Game Pants (based on life spand of product)

$5.00 Pants Pads (based on life span of product)

$9.00 Football Accessories (team bag, jaw pads, chinstraps, mouth guards, standard sideline kit, instand cold packs, tape, underwrap)

$5.00 Scholarship (opportunity for HS graduates who meet selection criteria)

$45.00 Miscellaneous League Supplies (storage shed rental, First-Aid supplies, sleds, insurance, legal, accounting, adertising, referee fees, ect)

$50.00 Candy Bar buy out

Total: $330.00 per player

Cheer ages: 5-13 $115.00

*does not include uniform fees

Football cost breakdown