Coaching Requirements

ALL coaches must have the below forms filled out and turned into their their team manager no later than August 1, 2018.

Coaching Requirements

1.    Mid America Regional Test, cost $35 it is good for 3 years.


  • Go to Training/Certification

  • Online Coaches Training

  • New Coaches need to register (our League is Heart of America, Association Kearney)

  •  If you're not sure if you completed this in the last 3 years the website will tell you when your certification expires once you log in.

  • Print off Certificate and give to your business manager



2.    USA football (Heads up Coaching certification, cost $10. It is good for 1 year.


  • Go to membership and Join under youth coaches.

  • It says it cost $35 but when you use our prom code (hoakearney18) it drops to $10.

  • Then you take the USA football coaching course- Tackle

  • Print of Certificate and give to your business manager Head Coach



3.    Background Checks.

  • It is good for 2 years. (If you did this last year, you do not need to do this step)

  • Click here for the application or it is on website, Coaches will fill out their own application.

  • Also coaches will still need to fill out 2017 volunteer application form attached

  • You will need 8 digit ID to fill out application.  Ask your head coach for this number.

  • You will need to attach a copy of your driver's license to your application or it will not be accepted.


                All three required prior to practice August 1st.