About Our Program


At KYF we pursue excellence. The Kearney community along with the families of our participants are supportive and on board with creating a competitive program that not only raises up strong competitors but also leaders.

During the season, we compete with teams from the Kansas City metro. KYF teams begin the strong Kearney Bulldog tradition of being well prepared for competition, executing the game plan ad being very successful during each week of the season. Through the commitment to teamwork, our teams have a winning tradition that will make each athlete, parent and fan proud.

Program Goals:

1.) To engage, assist, encourage and teach youth tackle football.

2.) To instill the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and academics within

    our athletes.

3.) To ensure that our athletes learn, understand and are trained on the

    basic concepts, techniques and strategies of football.

4.) To foster and encourage community pride through youth athletics.

5.) To maximize safety and fun.

"Being the Head Football Coach in a town that has the concept of "One Town One Team" has provided  a great opportunity for our program to work with the Kearney Youth Football program. Our relationship with the youth league coaches has been a great way for the young athletes to learn our schemes and terminology. Our staff meets with the Kearney Youth Football Coaches and provides opportunities to learn what we do at the high school level. It's a perfect way for the youth players to learn great technique, skills, and compete in the same offense and defense that we do at the high school level."
Every Day is a Great Day to be a Bulldog!
Josh Gray
Kearney High School
Head Football & Strength Coach